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We offer technology solutions in extraction and purification of natural products.  We supply top of the line natural products set to the highest quality standards. 

What can you expect from Metagreen? 

1. Premium/Natural Products Guaranteed to Deliver

Premium Quality: 

Held to MetaGrade Quality which are: 

  • Guaranteed free from pesticides, heavy metals and solvent 

  • High potency 

  • THC – free with detection below Federally required limits 

  • Resistant to crystallization 

  • Never distilled 

  • Broad Spectrum with minor Cannabinoids 

  • Consistent formulations 

Optimal Product Specifications: 

We promise continual evolution of our product offerings so that they align with market needs 

Guaranteed Transparency

We guarantee the quality of all our products – with in-house testing reports that are taken for every batch of material produced. 

Highest MetaCertified Standards: 

We go beyond pharmaceutical industry standards for limits of detection of THC free products 

Third Party Testing 

We provide 3rd party testing results to back all in-house testing

2. Reliable Sourcing 

  • Organically sourced materials 

  • Purchased from certified hemp pilot programs 

  • Purchased from Federally and state licensed farms 

  • Robust tracking from source to sale 

4. Unique Extraction, Purification and Remediation Processes


  • Proprietary formulations 

  • Low Pressure, room temperature 

  • Efficient high yield 

  • Full spectrum extraction 

  • Terpene retention/ full terpene profile 

  • Molecular separation 

3. Unique patented technology 

  • Develop, design and build own patented equipment 

  • Pharmaceutical grade molecular separation 

  • Medical grade quality control practices

5. Highly Educated &
    Innovative Team

  • Our team consists of scientists with PhD’s in chemistry, physics and engineering 

  • Our team includes experts with success developing practices use in the Pharmaceutical industry 

  • Metagreen R&D is dedicated to delivering constant improvements in technology, 

  • Processes and procedures which allow us to meet the highest quality standards 

Additional Offerings


At Metagreen we will work with you to ensure you have products that meet your individual needs. If you have any requests outside these specifications, we’d be happy to help.

Licensing Deals

Metagreen can license our technology in support of your needs with:

  • THC removal

  • separation of minor cannabinoids

  • purification

  • quality control

  • in-house formulations.

Please contact us at or call us at 424-227-8830 to learn more.