As a technology driven company, our R&D activity is an essential part of the company’s operative outlook.

The R&D team is comprised of skilled leaders and creative researchers, highly attentive to consumer needs

and market demands. The team has decades of experience in the skincare, health, wellness and the medical fields, and 5 years of experience with Hemp at Metagreen. Research & Development is a major component of

the Metagreen approach, focused on clean, sustainable, and safe products and practices.



Metagreen has a cutting-edge laboratory enabling in-house development and testing of products. The R&D

team is comprised of prominent specialists with extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry. Emergent formulations are based on rigorous scientific and academic research in the field.  



Metagreen utilizes proprietary methods and trade secrets along with our in-house, developed and built, advanced machines for extraction. This enables us to maximize the extracted material yield from the plant

and develop products that vary in their unique concentrations as well as Terpenes. We can produce a variety of whole plant based products, in order to meet our customer’s needs.



Our engineers work to make sure we have the most efficient, innovative infrastructure in the industry, while our chemists work to make sure we are manufacturing the cleanest and healthiest extracts available.



We are dedicated to crafting the right product best suited for a variety of applications by using the foremost technology. Combining our expert knowledge with the best technology available enables us to develop a wide

range of new products, and a robust development pipeline.



We can uniquely combine a variety of extracts. Integrating unique natural extracts can enhance

the effects of any  formulation. We believe that biological controls can bring balance and harmony

to nature, and we ensure that no pesticides, metals or chemicals are present in our products.