Metagreen developed and patented two technologies,                      for extraction, and                              for purification

and formulations.

The Metagreen combined technologies deliver higher economic value compared to competitive approaches, and

provide added value for formulations and product development for medical, skin care and general wellness use.

Compared to the established technologies used today for oil extraction, we capture more than 25% of the

cannabinoids value, in a more efficient and cost effective manner.


Metagreen non-flammable mixed gas extraction machine operates at low pressures and room temperature making extraction safe and more efficient.


More than 95% Cannabinoid extraction efficiency in

15 minutes makes our system a market leader.


Designed for use with different gas mixtures gives us unparalleled flexibility.


In­­‒line filtering and removal of moisture.


Consistent quality of extract.


Low production cost due to low pressure, temperature, cycle time and automation.


Crude oil maintains a rich profile of cannabinoids and terpenes.


Self contained PSI certified unit.

System designed for GMP.

Metagreen flash chromatography instrument

custom built for Hemp formulations, purification and quality control.


Consistent high quality refined oil.

Efficient isolation of cannabinoids (7 proven so far).

Separation of THC & CBD to below limits of detection.

Modular system scalable to multi-ton production per month.

Room temperature & pressure preserves all valuable cannabinoids & other compounds.

Pesticide remediation.

Designed for GMP.


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